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No space left with XFS

Today I hit a limit on XFS.
A task creating thousands of files was failing with this error :

No space left on device

Even if I still have plenty of disk space :

Filesystem               Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/mapper/backup-logs  2.0T 1.6T 485G 77% /srv/logs

Filesystem used is XFS.

If you also have this bug, fix is very easy : you need to remount the filesystem with « inode64 » option. This is because XFS, by default, only use the first terabyte of data to store inodes. If you create many files, this limit is reached. By adding the mount option ‘inode64’, you give XFS permission to use the whole device to create inodes.

Only drawback is bugs with very old softwares, especially over NFS. This is really a rare situation.